Why LuLuEye Colored Contact Lenses?


At LuLuEye,all our contact lenses are manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology from the United Kingdom,housed in a world-class clean room environment.

Our fully-automated production lines eliminates manual operation mistakes,reduces lead time and provides good product hygiene.This ensures a stable and consistent,high quality production standard whilst keeping manufacturing cost competitive at all times.

Cast Moulding

All our lenses are made using automated cast moulding technology.Once manufactured,our lenses undergo stringent quality control checks to ensure we deliver only the best lenses to wearers.We make our lenses in such a way that wearers will be able to experience exceptional comfort all day long.

MPC Technology

Our lenses are biocomparible with Methacryloyloxy Phosphorylcholine (MPC).The hydrophilic material mimics part of the human cell membrane,thus allowing the lens to maintain hydration with extremely low lipid absorption and protein deposition.In other words,LuLuEye brand contact lenses provides high quality vision while ensuring longer lasting moisture during the entire lens wear duration.

HD Camera

Every lens from our production line will have to pass through a high-definition inspection camera.The camera will detect imperfections such as cracks.scratches and any defects found on the lens.Defective lenses will be automatically rejucted to ensure that only the best lenses are released to our consumers.

Product Features

The superior quality of our contact lenses is the ultimate choice for hassle-free,healthy,comfortable and excellent visual performance.

  • COMFORT MPC is a biocompatible material commonly used to improve biocompatibility.It also helps to maintain hydration while minimizing lipids absorption and protein deposition.These features allow the lenses to stay hydrated and comfortable all day.
  • AFFORDABILITY We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices.
  • VISION The aspheric design of the contact lenses reduces spherical aberration and provides high quality vision in all light conditions.

Types of Colored Lenses

Did you know that LuLuEye offers more than 200+ different lens styles? LuLuEye is your one-stop-shop for colored contact lenses, no matter what shade you might be hoping to find! Even better, we also offer a full range of colored prescription lenses, so even if your vision isn't perfect, your style can be.

Prescription Contact Lenses

With most styles available in strengths ranging from 0.00 to -8.00, our prescription lenses are the perfect way to get the look you want without having to compromise how well you see! Prescription lenses are not opaque, so they're not available in quite as many styles as plano lenses, but you might be surprised how many different options there are!

These styles cover only the iris of your eye using vibrantly printed patterns for a naturalistic look, but you don't need to stick with subtle if you need prescription lenses! 

0.00/Plano Contact Lenses (Non-prescription Contact Lenses)

If you've got 20/20 vision but want to change your eye color, plano lenses are the way to go! These lenses don't provide any alteration to your vision, but they can definitely change your look. Plano lenses come in a huge variety of colors, as well as specialty patterns and styles.

Since many varieties are opaque, this opens up options even more than for prescription lenses, including styles that appear to change the shape of your pupil. 

Whether you require prescription lenses or stick with a plano lens, you'll get high-quality lenses that are comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. Even better, they're designed to avoid interfering with your vision. The colored elements of the contact are placed to leave the center, over your pupil, crystal clear—unless you choose from our selection of sclera contacts or special effects contacts, which can provide full-color coverage across the entire surface of the eye.


Shop Different Colored Contacts Styles

Ready to start your search for the perfect lenses? Check out our incredible range of styles!

Natural Colored Contacts

Augment the existing beauty of your eyes, or give yourself a completely new look with naturalistic shades. You'll find just about every imaginable hue.

Keep in mind that while opaque lenses can completely transform your eye color, most prescription lenses aren't fully opaque, so the effect you achieve might look different depending on your natural color. 

Specialty Contacts

While natural shades are fun for everyday wear, these vibrant lenses are the real showstoppers! For Anime,Cosplay or Halloween colored contacts can take your costume from merely creepy to absolutely terrifying. Make your imps and devils extra demonic with red colored contacts or black sclera contacts, or use filmy white-out contacts to make your undead zombies that much more unsettling. You can even mix-and-match by buying multiple pairs in different styles

Of course, not all our specialty lenses are frightening! Get a literal starry-eyed look, take your feline eye makeup to the next level with a sexy cat eye lens, or channel your favorite animated characters with star-moon lenses. No matter what look you're hoping to achieve, the LuLuEye  perfect pair of lenses can get you there!


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